About LST

Learning & Scholarly Technologies is an effort by UW-IT that supports UW faculty, researchers, students, staff, and clinicians in their uses of technology to invent new frontiers in research and education.


UW-IT shares a passion for helping clients accomplish their work and achieve their goals. Our passion is in turn guided by four values:

Encouraging a Culture of Innovation

It is important to provide the means, support, and encouragement for innovative approaches to teaching, learning, and research. Innovation matters, whether it is created by one person or an entire department or school.

Designing for the UW Community

LST tools, spaces, and services are inspired by feedback, ideas, and suggestions from clients. We are committed to a creative and adaptable design process that involves clients at every step of the way, because it results in the innovative and effective technologies that users want and will use.

Personalizing the Technology

Technology is a method to accomplish a particular teaching, learning, research, or work goal; it is never an end in itself. For this reason, we strive to work with clients to find a way to accomplish their goals, using a technology solution that meets their needs and skill-level.

Partnering to Promote Change

UW-IT is committed to collaborating with campus units and individually with faculty, students, and staff. By listening, remaining flexible, and engaging with others, we can most effectively harness technology for the benefit of the University of Washington community.


Available to the entire campus community, LST services fall within three distinct categories: Catalyst Web Tools, Technology Spaces, and Campus Technology Support.

Catalyst Web Tools

Catalyst Web Tools are developed through a user-centered design process to meet the specific needs of faculty, staff, students, and researchers for Web-based tools to support teaching, learning, research, and work.

Technology Spaces

The Technology Spaces are designed to meet diverse client needs, which range from access to computing, to wired classrooms, to cutting-edge networked communication, collaboration, and research.

Campus Technology Support

Campus Technology Support encompasses a variety of client support, instructional, community-building, and research activities that assist UW faculty, staff, students, and researchers in accomplishing their everyday tasks using technology.


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