Creating a Track

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Now we will create some new Tracks in our session. They appear underneath the area discussed on page 3. Tracks are areas where you can record, import, or store Audio. The Audio appears as waveforms (but can also be displayed other ways)

First go to Track at the top of the screen and choose New. The New Tracks Window (1) will then appear. In this window you can choose how many tacks you want to create, whether they are Stereo or Mono, and what type of Track to create. You can create an Audio Track: the basic tracks used to import and record Audio (These are the most used), an Instrument Track: used for reason or other MIDI devices, an Aux Track: used for multiple advanced techniques, or a Master Track which we will start with.

2: The Master Track can control the volume of your entire song and later we will learn how to apply effects to your entire song. It is a good idea to create a Master Track at the beginning of each session

3: This is a basic Audio Track on the right is a recorded Wave file. Next we will learn how to record some audio.

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