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Now that we have some Audio either Recorded or Imported onto Tracks we can manipulate them in different ways, this is called Editing.

We will use the Grab Tool to select this Audio File (2). Simply use the tool and click on the file. We could also use the Selector Tool to highlight a specific area inside the track by highlighting the area you want. For this example we will copy and move the entire section.

After we select the Audio (1) we Copy (“ctr C” or Edit then Copy) the track. We then switch tools to the Selector and move the Cursor (2) to another spot on the Track (you can also place it on any other Track). Then Paste (“ctr V” or Edit then Paste) the File (3) and we have moved the Audio. This (4) is an example of moving just a certain area of the track which would have been done with the Selector Tool.

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