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We will now learn how to apply Effects to the Audio we have recorded. There are two types of Effects available in ProTools: Real-Time Effects (also called Plug-ins), that are applied as the Audio on the Track is playing, and AudioSuite Effects, that are actually recorded on to the selected Audio File and replace the original Audio File.

The first type of Effect we will go over is the AudioSuite Effect. To apply this type of effect simply select a piece of Audio on a Track (with either the Grab Tool or the Selector Tool) and then open the “AudioSuite” menu from the top of the screen (1). Then choose the type of Effect you wish to apply from the list (2). After this, change any of the options in the Effect Window (to hear how changes will sound press the “Preview” button) to your liking and then press “Process”. This will apply the Effect and replace the existing Audio File with the Effected one.

The more common type of Effect is the Real-Time Effect or Plug-in. This type of Effect is put on a specific Track and Effects all Audio on that Track. (1) Plug-in Effects are activated in the Inserts area on a track (This example has two Effects applied: BF Essential Tuner and a 1-Band EQ 3). Click on one of the buttons with up and down areas and then select “plug-in” (2). Then choose the Effect that you would like to use from the list. This will then open up the Effect Window where you can alter the effect as with the AudioSuite Effects. The difference with Real-Time Effects is that you do not have to “process” the audio, instead, all changes happen in real-time.

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