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The main use for ProTools is Audio Recording so lets learn how to Record some Audio on one of the Audio Track we have set up.

The first thing we want to do is set up our track to record. (1) By clicking on the “R” button on the left side of a track it becomes Record Ready/Enabled. (2)
    Next we make sure that the Input is set to “Mic/Line 1” or “Mic/Line 2” because those are the Inputs from the Mixer. (Any input on the mixer that is sent to “1&2” will go to “Mic/Line 1” and “Mic/Line 2”). Once we have this set you should be able to hear the Audio you want to record and see the green bar move(3). *(do not let the level hit the red Peak at the top of the bar because at that point your audio will distort but turn up the audio so you have a strong signal that almost gets to the top)
    Then we go to the Transport Window and click on the Record Button (4). Get ready and then hit the Play Button to begin Recording! You will see the Cursor move (5) and the Audio Wave form while you are Recording.

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