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Now that we have recorded our song it is time to save it. To Save your Session use “Save” in the “File” option, but this saves the entire ProTools Session information and that cannot be played on a CD or music playing program. To save it as a playable file we must convert or Bounce the Session to an Audio File. 

First choose “File” (1), then select “Bounce to”, and then choose “Disk…”(2). After this, the Bounce Window will open and we must choose how we want to Save or Song. First choose where you want to save the File on your computer (the default will be in your Audio Files Folder but we should move it elsewhere as not to confuse it with the other Audio we have recorded. The Session Folder is a good choice because it will be right next to the actual ProTools Session). Now choose “Stereo Invelated” where it says “Multiple Mono” (this will create one file instead of two mono files, left and right). Then choose the File Format that you would like. You can pick .Wav File which is the most common and will work for an audio CD. You can also choose to create a .MP3 File if you want to use ProTools’ higher quality converter and create an MP3 for iTunes or other music playing programs. Once you change these settings for your liking (the other options will be set appropriately), click on “Bounce” and wait for your song to be Converted.

    Thank you for using this Tutorial and Happy Recording!

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