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Next we will go over some of the tools available in ProTools. This is a diagram of the most important functions labeled from 1 to 13 (some of these tools may not make sense right now, but you can refer to this page later in the tutorial):

1: These four boxes decide how we are going to be able to move the audio on our tracks
    Shuffle: allows you to move pieces of audio right behind or in front of other pieces on the Track
    Slip: The most versatile setting, allows free movement of audio on the Track
    Spot: Lets you choose the exact moment in time (samples, minutes, or bars) to move Audio to on the Track
    Grid: Creates a grid on all tracks that can be set to MIDI time code and each piece of Audio will snap on to that grid when moved
2: The left and right arrows allow you to Zoom in and out respectively and the other two arrows make the Audio Tracks and Waves larger or smaller
3: The Zoom Tool when just clicked it will zoom in, when held down you can select an area on a Track to enlarge to fit the screen
4: The Trimmer Tool will allow you to cut the end or beginning of Audio on a Track. In the Automation view it will lower or raise all automation in an area
5: The Selector Tool is very useful. Not only will it allow you to move the Curser (the blinking line where Playback starts) to a location but it also lets you select an area to edit, erase, or play
6: The Graber Tool allows you to select an entire section of Audio to edit or move
7: The Scrub Tool is basically a manual player that plays at the speed of the mouse
8: The Pencil Tool is used to draw Automation and MIDI information
9: This is the basic display of where you are in your Song. The section on the right tells you information about the Audio you have Selected
10: This is a mini Transport Window. A smaller version of the separate Transport Window, that allows you to play, stop and record your song
11: The highlighted area of this section will choose which form of Time to read your song
12: This area allows you to add Real Time Effects on a track
13: This is the Timeline of your song

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