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You can make changes or add comments to a file, and then return the file to a participant.

To return a file to a participant, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Catalyst Account Page and click the title of a dropbox. You will enter the dropbox home page.
  2. From the dropbox home page, click the cell for a participant's submitted assignment. You will move to the submitted files page for a specific participant.
  3. Under the "Add to this conversation" section, you may write a short comment and then click Attach file. The option to browse your computer will appear.
  4. Click Browse... and locate the file you wish to return to the participant. Note: File size is limited to 1 GB.
  5. Click Post to post your comment. The participant will now be able to view the returned file as an attachment to a comment under the original file.
  6. You can make changes to this comment by clicking Edit on the right side of the comment.
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