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Adobe Acrobat is an application that allows you to share a multitude of information without requiring your viewers to install various programs. Acrobat allows you to gather various files into one or multiple documents called PDFs. These PDFs can be viewed with Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free on Adobe's website.

If you have ever tried to share a document you created in a specific program you may already know the issue. The problem with sharing documents in their original format is that only people who own the program you created them in can view the document. With Acrobat it is possible to save all of these documents in a format that allows others to view them without needing these individual programs. For example, if the original document was created in a program like inDesign which saves documents in its own unique format then the only way someone else could view these documents is if they also had inDesign installed on their computer. Acrobat allows you to take this unique document and "print" it to a document that treats the original like a picture.

Because of the way Acrobat treats documents it is also an extremely safe way to share personal documents that you may want submitted to others but not want altered. Recognizing this, Acrobat also offers a few security features, useful to business, that ensure the authenticity of the PDF being distributed.

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