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In Word 2007, the Office button office button replaces the familiar File menu. Click to reveal the New, Open, Save, Print and Close options.

office options

The familiar menus and toolbars have also been replaced. Seven tabs are displayed across the top left of the window. Each tab is connected to a number of options. The tabs and their options are known as the Ribbon. By selecting a tab, the options are displayed on buttons with text labels and picture icons for quick identification. The options are organized under the tabs in groups of related features. You can expand the groups by clicking the arrow in the right of the group box.

The Shortcut Menu

The most common Word commands and functions can be accessed quickly by using the shortcut menu. To access this feature, simply right-click the element you wish to edit if you are using a PC, or control-click the element you wish to edit if you are using a Mac. The options displayed will vary depending on the element you have selected. For example, when text is right-clicked or control-clicked, the shortcut menu below will open.

screen layout
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