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Keyboard shortcuts can save time and the effort of switching from the keyboard to the mouse to execute simple commands. Print this list of Word keyboard shortcuts and keep it by your computer for a quick reference!

Note: A plus sign indicates that the keys need to be pressed at the same time.

Action Keyboard Shortcut

Document Actions
Open a file O
New file N
Close a file W
Save As F12
Save S or F12
Print Preview F2
Print P
Show/Hide paragraph symbols *
Spelling and grammar F7
Help F1
Find F
Replace H
Go To G

Cursor movement
Select all - entire document A
Select from cursor to beginning of line
Select from cursor to end of line
Go to beginning of line
Go to end of line
Go to beginning of document
Go to end of document

Cut X
Copy C
Paste V
Undo Z
Redo Y
Format painter C
Left alignment L
Center alignment E
Right alignment R
Justified J
Delete previous word
Apply bulleted list L
Indent M
Page break
Action Keyboard Shortcut

Text Style
Font face F
Font size P
Bold B
Italics I
Underline U
Double underline D
Word underline W
All caps A
Change case F3
Subscript =
Superscript =
Make web hyperlink K

Go to next cell
Go to previous cell
Go to beginning of column
Highlight to beginning of column
Go to end of column
Highlight to end of column
Go to beginning of row
Highlight to beginning of row
Go to end of row
Highlight to end of row
Column break

Copyright symbol - © C
Date field D
Go to footnotes F
Show/Hide ¶ 8
Thesaurus F7

All Shortcuts

This list shows only the most common keyboard shortcuts. To print a list of all the shortcuts in Word, follow these steps:

  1. Select Tools > Macro > Macros from the menu bar.
  2. From the Macros In drop-down menu, select Word Commands.
  3. Select ListCommands from the macro listing.
  4. Click the Run button.
  5. Choose Current Menu and Keyboard Settings from the popup window and click OK.
  6. Word will automatically open a new document containing a table of keystrokes. Print the resulting document.
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