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Catalyst Profiles are stories of innovation about educators who are using technology in creative, effective ways.

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Karen Gourd: Using Canvas to Simplify Collaboration

Karen Gourd

Karen Gourd, Assistant Professor at UWB, uses Canvas to teach EDUC 501: Introduction to Research Methods, one of the first courses that first year graduate students take. In the course, students learn how to plan a research study and how to conduct a literature review. Students use Canvas to review and comment on one another's work. Finding Canvas solved a long-term problem Gourd and her students had faced. Read more...

David Goldstein: Capitalizing on Collective Wisdom Through Technology

David Goldstein

In his role as Director of the Teaching & Learning Center (the home for faculty development at UW Bothell), David helps teachers learn how to use classroom and course technologies. His recent focus has been technologies that support hybrid courses - courses that are 30 to 70 percent online. Read more...


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