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iMovie Soundtracks

As shown below there are two separate sound tracks and the the audio that is apart of the movie clip. In these three places you have a variety of audio options:

  • Audio recorded by the camera.
  • You can record sound or add effects and sounds from the library.
  • MP3 files or music imported from a CD.

Audio Timeline

Sound Clips Pane

The Audio Pane

The Audio Palette contains a list of the sounds available in iMovie. It also contains an animated sound readout and a button that allows you to record sound. If there is no movement in the blue bars of the animated sound readout then either your microphone isnot connected (iMacs have one permanently connected) or the computer is not acknowledging the microphone as listening device. If the microphone is connected you must quit iMovie, go to Control Panels and open Sound to set the sound input to be Built-in microphone. You must then restart iMovie.

Recording a Narration

Move the playhead to the position that you want the narration to start. Play the movie by pressing the and say the narration. Practice this until you have the timing and narration correct.

When ready to record click the Record Voice button and begin. Click the Stop button when finished.

A orange bar will appear in the Timeline representing your recording. You may drag the ends of this to shorten the clip. The bar can also be moved to ensure the narration begins exactly where you want it. You can set the sound to fade in and fade out or adjust the volume as necessary.

Adding Sounds

Any of the sounds that appear in the sound window may be clicked and dragged to the Timeline. Their position can be moved so that the sound starts at the right moment. You can adjust the volume here as well. You may create your own sounds and append them to this menu. Simply create a sound in AIFF format and put it in the Sound Effects (iMovie/Resources/Sound Effects).

Importing Music

Music can be recorded from CDs or where AIFF music tracks, which have beenconverted, from MP3 tracks can be inserted. When you click the Audio button the palette changes into the Audio palette. If your music is on a CD, place the CD into the CD drive. The Audio palette will list the tracks on the CD. These will be Track 1, Track 2, etc unless you open iTunes, which will provide you with the actual names of the tracks.

Audition the tracks by selecting the track and using the controls in the window. When you find something suitable click Record Music. You will be able to see the music being imported in real time and can see how it relates to your previouslyimported video clips.

When you have enough music recorded, click the Stop button.

The Timeline now contains the imported music.

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