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Below you see the iMovie screen and the controls that are used to create movies. An explanation of the use of each follows:

  1. Monitor: You watch the clips in this window.
  2. Scrubber Bar: This special scrollbar lets you move to anywhere in either a single clip, or the whole movie.
    Note: The Playhead is the downward pointing triangle near the end of the Scrubber. It shows exactly where you are in the clip. You may move it a single frame with the arrow keys. The current selection is highlighted yellow in the Scrubber Bar.
  3. Clips/Timeline Viewer: Allows you to toggle between Clips view (shown) and Timeline view.
  4. Camera/Edit Mode: Switches between Camera and Edit mode. Camera mode allows you to import video from your miniDV camera, while Edit mode allows you to work with your project.
  5. Movie Track: This shows the order in which the clips will play. Clips can be dragged to reorder them.
  6. Playback Controls: These control both the playback of the movie and the operation of the camera depending on whether the Camera or Edit mode is selected.
  7. Clips Pane: The current pane is the Clips Panes, where clips are placed upon import. Is a part of the Design Panes.
  8. Volume Control: This controls the speaker volume of the computer.
    Note: It does not change the volume levels in your video or audio clips.
  9. Pane Tabs: These five buttons enable you to use the special stuff which bring movies to life.
  10. Free Space Indicator: This shows the amount of hard drive space you have available.
  11. Project Trash: This holds the deleted clips. Empty the trash when the project is finished or you need to recover the disk space.
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