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A title lets you add descriptive text, such as credits, to your movie. You can choose from a variety of styles, fonts, and colors, and you can edit titles after creating them. You can place a title over a section of a clip or create it as a separate clip with a black background.

Titles Pane

Adding Titles

To add a title to your movie:

  • Click the Titles button.
  • Select a title style from the list in the middle of the Titles panel.
  • Type the text for your title into the text field or fields at the bottom of the Titles panel. For some titles you can create more text fields by clicking the "+" button. You can reposition title fields by dragging them.
  • To speed up or slow down the titling effect, adjust the Speed and/or Pause sliders. If there is a pause in the title style you chose, use the Pause slider to control the duration of the pause. The Speed slider controls how many seconds the title lasts. A slower title speed takes more time to render.
  • To put the title over a black background, select the Over Black checkbox. To make the title appear over the clip you selected in step 1, leave the Over Black box un-checked.

If you want the title to appear over a clip, click the clip in the clip viewer or the timeline viewer.

To customize the text:

  • Click the Color box to choose a text color.
  • Choose a font for your title from the font pop-up menu.
  • Use the text size slider to adjust the text size.
  • If the title scrolls, you can change the direction it scrolls.
  • Drag the title from the list in the middle of the Titles panel to the clip viewer. If you want the title to appear over a clip, place it before that clip.

Editing a Title

To edit an existing title:

  • Select the title clip in the clip viewer.
  • Click Titles.
  • Make your modifications.
  • Click the Update button in the Titles panel.
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