UW-IT Triennial Survey Featured as a Case Study in Educause Seeking Evidence of Impact Program

To systematically gather data to help inform technology-related decisions, UW-IT conducts campus-wide surveys of instructors and students every three years. These surveys have been developed to help all units on campus that focus on teaching and learning through technology gather data to help them optimize the technology initiatives and support they offer. Last month, EDUCAUSE featured a case study of this ongoing research as part of its Seeking Evidence of Impact program. This case study discusses the 2011 version of the surveys, focusing specifically on the data from two sections of the survey: technological proficiency, and technology supports and obstacles.

The Seeking Evidence of Impact (SEI) program is intended to bring the teaching and learning community into a discussion about ways of gathering evidence of the impact of our innovations and current practices. The goal of the SEI case studies is to provide examples of successful projects evaluating the impact of innovation, technology, and best practices in teaching and learning.

Read the case study report.

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