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Research Research Projects
We examine the use of technology in diverse teaching and learning contexts in order to discover best practices and identify future needs. Our major research projects focus on understanding the practices and technologies that best support teaching, learning and research at the UW. Reports, publications, and presentations for all research projects are posted on the Papers and Presentations page.

Triennial Surveys on Teaching, Learning, and Research Technologies

Every three years, UW Information Technology (UW-IT) surveys faculty members, researchers, teaching assistants, and students at UW-Seattle about how they use technology to do their work, what supports and obstacles they experience in using technology, and where they believe the UW should place its resources in the future. Survey results help the UW make informed decisions about which tools and services will best support the goals of the campus community.

These surveys were developed with input from the UW Libraries, the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Office of Educational Assessment, the Faculty Council on Teaching and Learning, UW Computing Directors, the Student Tech Fee Committee, and faculty representatives from across campus.

Read more about the 2011, 2008, and 2005 surveys.

Designing Campus Learning Spaces

In fall 2009, UW-IT surveyed UW students about their technology and study space experience. The analyzed findings are now available in a report titled Designing Campus Learning Spaces: A Report on Students' Current and Future Needs.

The report focuses on student use of campus computing centers, student laptop usage, public spaces on campus, how to accommodate individual and collaborative work; and eliminating obstacles to laptop usage. It includes recommendations on how to improve student spaces and promote laptop use.

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