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LST operates the Health Sciences Videoconference Studio, which can accommodate up to 35 people, and is fully configurable.  Examples of groups that might take advantage of the studio are those giving presentations to both a near and far-end audience, and instructors looking to utilize a smaller, more configurable space for distance instruction.

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Locations and Hours

Location:  Health Sciences, T239
Hours: By reservation only
Manager: Jason Smith

About the Videoconference Studio 

Capacity: 35
Layout: Configurable
Videoconference Technologies: Lifesize HD
Displays: Dual 55-inch HD LCD Monitors on a cart for flexible placement
Connectivity: H.323 (IP) and H.320 (ISDN)
Other Techology: Room PC, input jack for Laptop sharing

Using the Videoconference Studio

Tips For a Successful Videoconference
Request a Reservation

For general questions regarding the Health Sciences Videoconference Studio please contact lstvc@uw.edumailto link.

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