Allows people to send you anonymous email from your Web page directly to your email inbox. You can provide the option for people to identify themselves. Direct the email to yourself, a colleague, or a group -- you specify the recipients.

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Make communication easy

With UMail, people don't need to open their own email account to get in touch with you. Use UMail to provide a convenient way to get in touch with you from your Web site.

Feeling confident? Find out what people really think.

Encourage candid feedback by allowing people to send you anonymous email.

Evaluate your course

UMail is a great tool for getting feedback from your students throughout the quarter. Not only do you have control over where email is sent, but you can enable students to send anonymous email, encouraging open, honest feedback from them.

Encourage student reflection

Students who direct their own learning are typically more successful than other students. By asking your students to comment on your class, you will shift some of the responsibility for learning on to the students, and thus improve their educational experience.

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