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The LST Document Creation workshop series contains everything you need to know to make your print documents look their best. In these introductory workshops, you will learn how to use Microsoft Word most effectively for your academic papers, and how to design more advanced documents such as newsletters with Adobe InDesign. You'll never worry about citation formatting again once you learn EndNote, and with with the mark-up language LaTeX, you can learn all you need to for typesetting technical and scientific documents. When you’re done, you can make your print documents web-worthy with Adobe Acrobat.

If you'd like to add logos or photographs to your documents, check out the Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop workshops respectively in the Graphics & Presentations workshop series.

Adobe Acrobat

With Adobe Acrobat, you can create high-quality PDF documents. The Adobe PDF (portable document format) file format allows you to share documents with others, regardless of the software originally used to create the file. From secure financial documents to graphical brochures, Adobe Acrobat can help you create light-weight and high-quality documents for print or electronic distribution. In this workshop, you will learn to use Acrobat to create or distribute online forms, email newsletters, product manuals, or interactive brochures.
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Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is widely recognized as the standard for creating and editing documents, yet most users are unaware of its comprehensive features. In this overview workshop, you will review the basics of Word and discover more advanced features. Topics covered include the format painter, headers and footers, tables and columns, and graphics and color. You can apply knowledge gained in this workshop to create an eye-catching resume or the perfect academic paper.

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Adobe InDesign

InDesign is Adobe's comprehensive desktop publisher that allows you to design your own publications. In this introductory workshop, you will learn about dynamic tools such as text wrap, precise image manipulation and placement, story editor, paragraph styles, and color handling. You will be able to create professional-looking posters for class projects and more.
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LaTeX is a mark-up language for typesetting technical and scientific documents, and is widely used throughout academia in the production of journal papers and textbooks. In this workshop, you will learn everything you need to get started with LaTeX, from running the software for the first time, to finding and fixing errors.
No workshops for LaTeX until further notice.
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