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The Basics

As a UW student, staff or faculty member, you have access to a wide array of computing resources. In this overview of UW campus computing basics, information regarding technology services provided by the University of Washington Information Technology (UW-IT) are presented here. 


You can take advantage of a variety of services that the University of Washington offers. Some of these services include free or discounted software through UWare, Web Publishing Services and UDrive File Storage.
Activate Services
UWare Software
Web Publishing
UDrive File Storage

Computer Labs

UW has many general access and departmental computer labs. In particular, UW-IT has partnered with the UW Libraries to house the largest general access computing space on campus at the Odegaard Undergraduate Library. For more information about computer labs on campus, please select the link below.
Computer Labs

Internet & Wireless

What would you do without the internet? UW-IT has guidance on how to connect to the internet on campus or at your UW residence hall. To learn more, please select from the links below.
Using Wireless at the UW
Using Your Computer in UW Housing



UW allows you to choose from different e-mail providers. For information regarding your e-mail options or how to change your e-mail forwarding service, please select from the links below.
E-mail Options
Changing E-mail Forwarding

Troubleshooting Computers

Troubleshooting computer problems is a difficult subject to master because so much of it depends on what, specifically, is happening to the computer. However, there are strategies that are effective for general, first-step troubleshooting. If you get stuck, the Computer Vet service, offered to current UW student, staff and faculty will assist with free, in-person troubleshooting.
Troubleshooting Strategies
Computer Vet Details


Computer Management and Security

Keeping your computer up-to-date and protected can be a daunting task. UW-IT offers free anti-virus software and tips to ensure safe and secure computing.
Safe and Secure Computing
Protecting Your Computer From Viruses


Operating Systems

An operating system is the software that runs on a computer in order to manage the computer's hardware and software efficiently. Microsoft and Apple have introduced many different versions of their operating systems. To learn more about these operating systems, please select from the links below.

Windows 7 & 8 Operating Systems

Interested in learning about Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems? Microsoft offers support articles on Windows basics that will help any user understand how to successfully run Windows 7. If you are transitioning to Windows 8, Microsoft also offers articles and video tutorials to demonstrate its new features.
Microsoft Support for Windows 7
Microsoft Support for Windows 8

Mac Operating System

Thinking about switching to a Mac? Or are you just unfamiliar with Mac OS? Apple offers online support through articles and video tutorials on a wide array of topics to aid you with learning their operating system. You may also find support manuals and tutorials on other Apple products.
Mac OS Support Articles
Mac OS Support Tutorial Videos
General Apple Support for other Apple Products




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