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The Catalyst Web Tools are a set of Web-based communication and collaboration applications designed for use in teaching, learning, research, and everyday work. Although the Catalyst Tools workshops are designed with UW instructors and employees in mind, anyone with a UW NetID can attend. Here, you can learn how to create an online workspace, use an online survey for your research, create a discussion board, manage and submit grades online, set up an assignment turn-in area, share files online, and manage an online quiz.

WebQ Survey/Quiz Basics

This workshop covers the basics of building an online questionnaire using WebQ, the Catalyst online survey and quiz tool.
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Online Surveys for Research (WebQ)

In this workshop, you will learn to create and manage a WebQ survey in a research context. The UW Human Subjects Division has determined that WebQ, the Catalyst online survey tool, provides acceptable procedures to protect the privacy and confidentiality of human subjects.
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Give your Course an Online Presence

This workshop covers using the four newest Catalyst Web Tools to create an online presence for your course: CommonView, GoPost, Collect It, and GradeBook. Use these tools for online discussions, information sharing, work collection, and online grade management and submission.
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Online Grading

Learn how to track and record student scores and publish scores online for students to view. Eexplore how to calculate scores and convert scores to class grades. Learn how GradeBook can complement your use of Excel or other spreadsheet software for grading, and get familiar with the online faculty grade report for submitting grades to the registrar.
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